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BASICO's lawyers have diversified speciality, extensive capacity and experience. We have assumed and resolved almost all business disputes araising In Vietnam.

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Our main services include:

-      Advising on legal issues, assessing the status quo, proposing optimal solutions to customers in conflict-of-interest transactions leading to disputes.

-      Providing lawyers, negotiation experts to negotiate, mediate, play an intermediate role in disputes.

-      Advising on completing processes, carrying out complaint procedure, sue for resolving the dispute.

-  Representing clients before court , domestic arbitrators, foreign arbitrators, state management agencies, organizations and individuals in the process of resolving disputes.

-      Appointing lawyers to litigate at courts and arbitration in domestic and foreign to protect client’s interests.

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BASICO’s impressive experiences

In recent years, BASICO’s lawyers have participated in almost all the biggest economic cases of Vietnam.

-     The big case of Huynh Thi Huyen Nhu defrauded bank of more than 4000 billion: BASICO’s lawyers participated in protecting legal rights and profit for Nam Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Orient Securities Cooperation and defended for a defendant who was the Bank's Customer Relationship Manager.

-     Big case “Impresario” Kien defrauded, traded illegally,  committed tax evasion, deliberately acting against the State’s regulations on economic management, causing series consequence: BASICO’s lawyers participated in protecting legal rights and profit for Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank.

-     Million swindle case of VDB Dak Lak, Dak Nong: BASICO’s lawyers managed all of the dispute resolution process from the pre-litigation stage to the end of the appellate trial, successfully defended and recovered more than 529 billion for Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB).

-     Big case VNCB with 9.000 million in damages: BASICO’s lawyers defended for Mr. Pham Cong Danh -  – Former Chairman of the Board of Vietnam Construction Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VNCB).

-     Through the provision of in-house lawyer services, risk management consultancy services for banks, BASICO has consulted to resolve hundreds of incidents emerging unusual risk, affecting the safety credit of banks.


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