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BASICO has been widely recognized by Vietnam business community as a successful law firm in providing legal services for many businesses in the area of tax.

In 2013, BASICO provided legal service in the dispute of tax refund for the group of six coffee companies having the number of market share leading in Vietnam, including: DAKMAN Vietnam Limited Company, Intimex Group-Buon Me Thuat Branch, OLAM Vietnam Limited Company, Phuoc An Coffee One Member Limited Company, 2-9 Dak Lak One Member Limited Company, Anh Minh Limited Company. After the end of the case, this group was determined by the General Department of Taxation not committed violations and not required to carry out refund of tax procedure with the total value nearly 60 billion VND.

This is one of the many typical cases that BASICO is successful in protecting legal rights and profits of customers in tax disputes.

Besides, BASICO provides comprehensive consultancy services in the area of tax for businesses, including: consulting about types of tax, tax calculation, tax problem resolution in business activities, providing tax planning services to minimize legal risks of tax in the operation and project of businesses.


In 2014, Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines) selected BASICO as a law firm providing legal service for the debt restructuring project. During the period of carrying out this project, solicitors of BASICO helped Vinalines to prepare a comprehensive plan on debt restructuring, legal support for Vinalines to withdraw capital from subsidiaries, affiliate companies, joint ventures; consulting for supervising debt processing procedure of domestic and foreign banks with Vinalines; consulting, supporting for negotiating contracts, transactions and other related legal issues.

This is one of numerous business finance consulting transactions that BASICO has provided to many business.

At our law firm, the area of business finance consulting is a special strength that comes from the fact that BASICO has leading expert majored in finance and banks. Many lawyers of BASICO are used to be member of Board of Director, Executives Board or Control Board in big banks, big securities company in Vietnam.

For these reasons, BASICO provides customers with comprehensive legal services about business finance:

-    Consulting for constructing financial management mechanism to help enterprises deal with issues related to the management of revenue, expenses and assets of enterprises;

-    Consulting for enterprises in transactions with banks, securities companies and fund management companies;

-    Business financial restructuring consultancy;

-    Consulting for mobilizing capital of enterprises;

-    Consulting for dealing with irregular issues related to business finance;

-    Other financial legal services.


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